Green Building


Golan Home Contractors, Inc,. has been Building Green since 1996. Incorporating features designed to reduce energy, water, and waste, you may receive tax incentives, lower utility bills, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Reducing your environmental impact saves money and reduces your carbon footprint, allowing you to become more responsible utilizing limited resources on our earth. Let us help design your next project to incorporate as many or few elements that fit your budget and lifestyle.

Turn-key projects

  • Rain water collectors
  • Solar Thin film
  • Wind generators
  • Natural Gas Generators
  • Drip irrigation
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Natural Lighting
  • Proper Insulation
  • Concrete ICF Structure


  • Water Conservation
  • Energy Conservation
  • Natural Land Preservation


  • Tax Incentives
  • Reducing Carbon Footprint
  • Yearly Return / Savings
  • Lower Bills
  • Tax Credits / Deductions
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Decrease Maintenance
  • Responsible Citizen
  • Less Enviromental Impact